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Over the centuries, a tradition has grown that it is the right, privilege and duty of every Catholic to seek burial in a Catholic cemetery. However, living in the midst of changing circumstances has resulted in changing perceptions in the minds of some regarding the relevance of the Catholic cemetery in the scheme of their lives. While the Church has moved away from a legislative stance and no longer mandates that all Catholics be buried in Catholic cemeteries, the reasons for maintaining and using Catholic cemeteries are as powerful and compelling as ever. The usual and proper place for the burial of Catholics is still the Catholic cemetery in view of the values contained in the Church's burial tradition.... read more ...   

               Rituals with Meaning, Rituals that Heal !    

- courtesy of Albany Diocesan Cemeteries

To help Catholics better understand the importance of the Order of Christian Funerals, led  to the production of this five minute video, "Rituals with Meaning, Rituals that Heal."  This video explains how these rituals assist us in the healing process following the death of a loved one.

The richess of the Catholic funeral rite can be very comforting to a family suffering a loss of a loved one.  These rites start the bereavement process for families and friends and help them express their grief. Hearing friends and family members share memories and express feelings about the deceased during a wake or funeral can be very consoling. 

There are times in life, such as births, marriages and anniversaries, when we carve rituals. The death of a loved one calls for rituals with meaning -- rituals that heal.  

The time immediately following the death is often one of bewilderment, shock, and heartrendering grief for family and close friends.  The Catholic Community gently accompanies the mourners in their initial adjustment to the death and to the sorrow this entails. We help the mourners express their grief and find strength and consolation through faith. 

Rituals with Meaning, Rituals that Heal Video




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